1)It is strongly recommended to use only the latest available SW. If not the latest, the SW compatibility between modem, beacon, and Dashboard SW is not guaranteed.

To update the SW on your devices:

  • Please, always use SW from the same pack: Dashboard SW + modem SW + beacon SW. Don't mix SW from different SW packages
  • Download the SW (see the links below: "Latest stable SW to download") on your hard drive
  • Connect beacon or modem via USB to your computer. Make sure that only one device (either modem or beacon) is connected via USB, while programming!
  • Run the Dashboard => Firmware => Choose the file => Program
  • After programming, which takes a few seconds, press the HW reset button on modem/beacon
  • To be on safe side, please, push the Default button in the Dashboard (bottom-right corner) while the device is still USB connected
  • Write down the beacon's number, because it will be used for waking up the beacon. Or you can change the beacon's address for your convenience, like shown here
  • Double-check in the Dashboard that (1) the modem/beacons contains now the expected version of the SW and (2) radio profiles of beacons and modems are the same
  • It is possible to update beacons' SW over radio interface from the Dashboard. It works pretty much the same way as via USB, but slower and depends on your radio profile settings

2) Some new SW versions bring very substantial changes to the internal protocols and become incompatible with previous SW version. Thus, always keep the same SW versions on all beacons. Also use only compatible versions of the modem and the Dashboard SW, since they come in a package (beacon SW + modem SW + Dashboard SW) and all shall support the same protocols.

Follow the instructions for DFU SW programming:, if DFU programming is needed. In normal mode, you would upload HEX files - not DFU files - to the boards and takes a few seconds per board (via USB) or 0.5-2 min per board via radio

3) Double-check that the beacon's address is the same after SW updating and radio settings of modem and beacons match (radio profile, first of all). Major changes in SW versions may lead to the device's address to be overwritten. If happened, use the Dashboard to assign the required address to the beacon again.

STM driver - required to connect beacons/modems to the Dashboard via USB. It needs to be installed only once on your Windows PC.

Latest stable SW to download

Updated on 13.Aug.2017

What is new:

  • New feature: path sending to copters
  • New feature: now each hedgehog streams out coordinates of all other hedgehogs - not only its own coordinates, i.e. now all robots/copters may know location of all other robots/copters
  • New feature: support of extended memory for Modem_256 (modem supporting up to 256 beacons. Current modem HW v4.9 supports up to 30 beacons)
  • New feature: extended update rate options to 0.1Hz and 0.2Hz
  • Improved service zones with 8 points
  • Improved sleep modes

  • Bug fix in modem: modem, sometimes, was not recognized by PC after PC reboot
  • Bug fix in sabmaps: after one of the beacons in submap of 3 beacons lost, system remained in 3D mode with insufficient number of beacons. Now it turns to 2D mode automatically
  • Bug fix of submaps with 2 beacons: they might lose tracking of hedge after modem reboot
  • Bug fix in embedded oscilloscope for distances between beacons >30m
  • Bug fix: occasionally, beacons sent previous location measurement, when no ultrasonic signal received. Now send a flag, that no signal received
  • Bug fix: improved operations with IMU